Illusion's End is a metal/symphonic/progressive band hailing from Massachusetts. Founded by guitarist James Donahue and bassist Melika Fitzhugh, they had the idea of making their own music on their terms. Coming in on vocals is Anne Marie Cleary, a long veteran of the Boston music scene. Anne Marie adds the voice of what Illusion's End is about. Playing keys/synth is Frank Jones, an accomplished musician that adds the melodies, harmonies and eerie sounds that add to the music.  And coming in on drums is Al Forgione, a longtime musician who has crafted his skill for years. Illusion's End draws influence from international acts like Epica and Nightwish to local heroes HolyHell and Seven Spires. Each member coming from different bands from Boston such as Streak, Anarchangel, Katie Stodder, Amber Spyglass and Rose Cabal. Illusion's End promises to make an impact in the Boston music scene!